Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan

MARTYRS’ LANEMARTYRS 'LANE Baku, Azerbaijan in the Soviet Union, was known as Kirov Park. After the 1990 massacre of the Soviet Union, the park became the alley of martyrs that are celebrated on January 20 every year. Tourists visit tourists in Baku to pay homage to this place.
Maiden_towerMaiden_tower Baku Castle Azerbaijan is one of the most important attractions of the city of Baku, which is introduced to tourists on the tour of Azerbaijan and tour of Baku. This monument has a very high historical significance and has the second rank in terms of its visibility. Like the Shirvan Shah's building to go to the building, it can be reached by the foot of the city from Aichi. When you go to the top of this tower, the beauty of the city of Baku will be visible to you.
HISTORY MUSEUMThe Museum of History HISTORY MUSEUM Baku, Azerbaijan, is very much touched on the Baku tour. This museum has been the home of Zayn al-Abedin Tatiqif family, now divided into three sections. The first part is prehistoric objects and coins and medieval times. The second part is human bones and military equipment and tomb. The third part also has Taqiyev's home mansion.
HEYDAR ALIYEV CENTERHeydar Aliyev Center HEYDAR ALIYEV CENTER Baku Azerbaijan is one of the most important tourist destinations on Azerbaijan tour and tour of Baku. Made by Zaha Hadid, the center won the "Design of the Year" award on July 1, 2014. The center includes the memorial gallery of Heydar Aliyev (the Azerbaijani ruler during the Soviet Union in 1969-1982 and the President of Azerbaijan in 1993-2003) , Art galleries, concert halls and libraries, restaurants and conference halls.
(GOBUSTAN NATIONAL PARK (PETROGLYPH RESERVEconsidered for tourists in Baku. The park's 4000-year-old rock paintings show the activities of ancient people such as hunting and dancing and their livelihoods. Be
CITY BOULEVARDBaku boulevard (CITY BOULEVARD), where you can enjoy the beautiful Caspian Sea shore. On the tour of Azerbaijan and tour of Baku, travelers will enjoy the fresh air and pleasant atmosphere on this boulevard. A variety of commercial and recreational attractions are the attractions of this boulevard. It is recommended to go to this boulevard for more pleasures at night and enjoy the beautiful air and beautiful seaside beach. There is also a sailing boat on this beach.
(ATESHGAH TEMPLE (ZOROASTRIAN FIRE TEMPLEThe temple of the fire temple (Zoroastrian Temple) (ATESHGAH TEMPLE) At the Tour of Baku, tourists visit the temple, located 30 km from the city center in Shurakhani district, in the 18th century when the Hindu traders arrived at this place. They came to sell Indian drugs and woodwork. Many traders came from Azerbaijan on the Silk Road.
MUD VOLCANOESMount Gul Afshan MUD VOLCANOES Baku Azerbaijan is located about 10 km from Gobustan. And the volcano, unlike cold weather, has a therapeutic effect. And the largest flowering plant in the world. Visitors to the mountain go to the tour of Baku and enjoy the attraction.
Shirvanshahs palaceThe Shirvanshahs palace of Baku is located behind the walls of the old town (Echari town). Which is one of the historical works of Azerbaijan. People who visit the Baku tour and tour of Azerbaijan have always visited this monument. In the 15th century when the kingdom was Shirvan, this monument was built. One of the few works that have been damaged in terms of architecture. In 2000, it was registered on the UNESCO list. The Aichi Metro Station is 5 minutes' walk away. The Shirvanshahs palace of Baku is located behind the walls of the old town (Echari…
YANAR DAGH BURNING MOUNTAINYANAR DAGH BURNING MOUNTAIN YANAR DAGH BURNING MOUNTAIN Baku, Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful attractions in Azerbaijan. Tourists from Baku have enjoyed this great view.Yannar Hot is located 25 kilometers northeast of Baku. This mountain is always burning because of underground gas reserves and has never been shut down. YANAR DAGH BURNING MOUNTAIN is located 25 km northeast of Baku, Azerbaijan.  
Da Massimo RestaurantItalian Restaurant Da Massimo Da Massimo Restaurant Baku is one of the most famous Italian restaurants for tourists visiting Baku. The restaurant with famous Italian specialties has been able to attract tourists from Azerbaijan. This stylish and lacquered restaurant has been able to provide Italian restaurants in Baku. The address of the Italian Restaurant Da Massimo Da Massimo Restaurant Baku Azerbaijan: Baku-Military Street