Novruz Holiday with Galaxy Travel


Tour of Baku Nowruz 98 with galaxy: Baku, dubbed Dubai Caucasus, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Due to having a culture very similar to Iran, Baku is celebrating many events in the same way as our country in a similar but productive way. Among the celebrations of the Nowruz is the celebration of this country. Baku, in Nowruz 98, will be preparing for such events as before. Many tourists of our country are visiting Nowruz in Baku every year. As less hotels or apartments are found to be empty of tourists. For this reason, Lirich Company will have a brilliant record with the guarantee of Baku hotels and booking an apartment in Baku like in the past year in the tour of Baku Novouz 98. With Baku Ground Nourouz 98, Baku Air Tour, Nowruz 98, you will have an apartment reservation in Baku Nowruz 98 to stay comfortable and at the lowest cost of the Nowruz 98 in the city of beauty and fire in Baku. There are fewer tourist companies licensed to operate in Azerbaijan, but Larry has started its activities legally from the very beginning with the official establishment of a tourist company in Azerbaijan. For this purpose, please contact galaxy Larry for more information.




Hotel prices in baku


 Hotel prices in 2019


Hotel prices in 2019


Hotel prices in 2019


Nowruz tour of Baku 98

Due to the ability to have strong connections with the hotels of Azerbaijani companies, Liric Company, due to its permanent establishment as well as the Azerbaijani company, has been organizing Norouz 98 tours as air and land in the past years.

  • Consul Hotel Baku Baku Hotel Constellation -3 Stars
  • Joy Hotel Baku Hotel Joy Baku – 4 stars
  • Days Hotel Baku Hotel Dyz Baku – 4 stars
  • AF Hotel Baku Hotel Baku – 4 stars
  • Amber Hotel Baku Baku Amber Hotel – 4 stars
  • The Crown Hotel Baku is a 5-star Crown boutique hotel


Features of Nowruz Baku 98:

  • tourist visa
  • Travel insurance
  • One day a city tour with lunch
  • SIM gift gift company to any family
  • Airport transfer (in air packages)
  • Border transfer (in land packages) with Mercedes-Benz rides from
  • the Astara or Biala
  • Persian language leaderboard (for group tours)

Also, the reputable cooperative tourist agencies can contact the following communication bridges to receive cooperation packages and details:

To book a phone number :
0099 4559237829
Seyed Mustapha Akademi