The Leric Group has come up with its own capabilities and capabilities Baku tour  و  azerbaijan tour Makes:

Unfortunately, no Iranian group or agency has been rigorously deployed in Azerbaijan, which is one of the best places in the region, and the people who do this work are often uneasy, with the lowest cost and the highest cost of sending Iranian tourists. Which has caused dissatisfaction with Iranian tourists.
This is because the Liric Group, with its capable people in the field of tourism, has been able to provide the best conditions for spending good time in Azerbaijan with the deployment of its experts in this beautiful country with a great acquaintance with this country.

The group also has the possibility to book the most luxurious and best hotels in Baku, with the ability to book various suites in relation to the customer's request, with the professional worker in Azerbaijan, and the possibility of the comfort of the Iranian tourists. Thank you to God who our customers are fully satisfied with us and we are also pleased to have good days inbaku tour  و  azerbaijan tour For our beloved compatriots we have been able to figure out.